Local 898-- serving the Ford Rawsonville Plant

Retirement Timeline

12 weeks before retirement
Begin to gather the necessary information, call the (NESC) National Employee Service Center 1-800-248-4444.
    Employee’s birth certificate *
    Spouse’s birth certificate *
    Marriage certificate (not marriage license) *
    Spouse’s social security number
If you have dependents
    1. Each one’s birth certificate *
    2. Each one’s social security number
    3. Your most recent IRS tax return (form 1040, top page only)
Copy of the Medicare Part B enrollment card (if applicable)
Death certificate if employee is deceased
Judgment of divorce and or Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) if employee is or was divorced (send a copy of the Judgment / QDRO only if it affects your Ford Benefits)
* Documents in a foreign language must include a notarized English translation

8 Weeks before retirement
Apply for retirement through the NESC 1-800-248-4444
Apply for Social Security Benefits by calling 1-800-772-1213 (if applicable)
Apply for Medicare Part A & B (if applicable)

7 Weeks before retirement
Receive a retirement package from the NESC

6 Weeks before retirement
Return the completed forms and copies of the required documents to the NESC
If you are age 65, send a copy of your Medicare Part A & B to the NESC. This must be done in order to receive the "Special Age 65 Benefit" (Remember, at age 65 your surviving spouse must enroll in Medicare Part B to be eligible for continued health care coverage in the event of your death)

Retirement begins!

4 Weeks after retirement
Your final check, which may include vacation hours, overtime and bond balances, will arrive (if eligible)

7 Weeks after retirement
Your first retirement check is due to arrive this week

8 Weeks after retirement
Your first Social Security check is due to arrive this week (if eligible).

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