Local 898-- serving the Ford Rawsonville Plant

Special 65 Benefit

Attention Retirees 65 OR OLDER
UAW Local 898 was notified that 432 Local 898 retirees/retiree surviving
spouses are
not receiving their Medicare reimbursement.

If you have Medicare, please be sure you are receiving the $76.20
reimbursement on your monthly Ford pension check.

Look at your Ford pension check stub for the $76.20 reimbursement on the left side under your monthly benefit amount.

This is the postcard that was mailed out on January 12, 2011:

UAW Local 898 Retiree:

It has been brought to my attention that you are not receiving
the $76.20 per month reimbursement for your Medicare.

See details on the Local’s website: www.uawlocal898.org under "More information for new and 'experienced' retirees" to the left. 

Mail a copy of your Medicare Card-Part A & B to:
Attn: Laura Richards
151 W. Jefferson Ave.
Detroit, MI 48232

For more information, you can contact Fran Hawkins

Fran Hawkins
Benefit Representative UAW Local 898
In Plant Phone: 734- 48-49252 800-841-0126
Fax: 734-48-48284
Union Hall: 734-482-8320 or (toll free) 800-521-7152
Fax: 734-482-3200
e-mail: fhawkin1@ford.com

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