Local 898-- serving the Ford Rawsonville Plant

Chaplaincy Committee

Rawsonville Local 898 Chaplaincy Committee

Charlotte Price - Chairperson

"Love, Caring and Sharing in the Workplace"

It is with great enthusiasm we announce the Local 898 Chaplaincy Committee is available to serve you! Our mission is to be a caring, resourceful support system for the membership in your time of need or celebration. Everyone has challenges at some point and may need someone to confide in. Your privacy will not be compromised and each case will be handled with love and compassion. Because we are not a church, all religious beliefs are respected. Below are the services that we provide. Please feel free to contact one of the committee members for more information.

Chaplaincy Services

Funeral and related ministries (provide funeral invocations and benedictions upon request)

Hospital Visitation

Home Visitation

Homeless Support

Crisis Communicationer

Prayer request; all religious beliefs are respected

Godly counsel and provide adequate space for private confidential conversations


Local 898 Chaplaincy Committee

Charlotte Price

Sonya Chie

Yolanda Davis

Wayne Green

Angela Kelly

Daniel McInerney

Charlotte Price Chaplaincy Committee Chairperson


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